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Hong Kong Brands - Categories

Browse through the best of Hong Kong Brands for fabulous products.
These products make ideal gifts for all occasions, for friends, family and especially those living overseas that are missing home.
Product Showcase
Pear Shape Knife Edge Solitaire Ring - Celebre

Sliced Apple Ring - EDEN

Verbena Blossom - Acantha Diffuser 110 ml

Document Case - Sandwalk

Living Rose Talcum Powder By Two Girls

100 Facets Round Solitaire Pendant- Celebre

Neoprene Laptop Bag Landscape VI-  ZIII

Prong Set Solitaire Ring Platinum Plated - Celebre

General Health Herbal Tea by Hoi Tin Tong - 20 Bags

Enticing Flower Earrings - EDEN

One Tong Mahjong Cufflinks - Sandwalk

Florida Water Conditioner -  Two Girls 500ml

3" Circle Double Sided Frame - DMC

Knife Edge Solitaire Ring Platinum Plated - Celebre

Florida Water Towelette by Two Girls - 20pcs

Colorscape I Art Fashion Shoulder Bag -  ZIII

Peach Rice Bag Passport Holder -  Bez & Oho

3x3 "TV" Double Sided Frame - DMC

Bowling Tote Bag - Banner Bag

Bean Paste Supreme - Pat Chun 240g

Genuine White Tea - MingCha 24g

Shoulder Bag Landscape I  -  ZIII

Absolute Berry - Acantha Diffuser 110 ml

One Wan Mahjong Cufflinks - Sandwalk

Imperial Stir-Fry Sauce - Pat Chun 240g

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8TH Estate Winery 9 Fairy Tea House Acantha
Banner Bag Bez And Oho Celebre Diamonds
DMC Products EDEN Jewellery Hoi Tin Tong
Joseristine Mary Ching Shanghai Medical Mobile
MingCha Tea House OBGIC Ofarm
Pat Chun Sandwalk Soho Wine & Spirits
Two Girls Urban Concept ZIII Artistic Fashion Collections
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