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Food Products - Categories

Shop Hong Kong has sourced some of the finest Food Products available for your fine dining pleasure.
Buy online from a variety of delicious desserts, organic foods, cereals, fruit snacks, cookies, and cake.
Product Showcase
Chan Pei Lemons Liquorice Lemon - Pat Chun 225g

The Peninsula Organic Cardamon Green Tea Bags – 20 bags

Soy Sauce Supreme - Pat Chun 250g

Satay Sauce - Pat Chun 240g

BBQ Sauce - Pat Chun 240g

The Peninsula Licorice Green Tea Bags – 20 bags

Irish Oatmeal - McCanns  793g

Vegetarian Sweet Noodle Sauce - Pat Chun 240g

Kar Yin Chi - Pat Chun 225g

Imperial Stir-Fry Sauce - Pat Chun 240g

Chili Oil - Pat Chun 160g

Sesame Oil - Pat Chun 160g

Five Spice Powder - Pat Chun 160g

Bean Paste Supreme - Pat Chun 240g

Plum Sauce - Pat Chun 240g

The Peninsula Lemongrass Green Tea Bags – 20 bags

Sweetened Vinegar - Pat Chun 600g

Vegetarian Oyster Sauce - Pat Chun 300g

Gourmet Light Soy Sauce - Pat Chun 300g

Extra Hot Chili Sauce - Pat Chun 170g

Hoi Sin Sauce - Pat Chun 240g

Chan Pei Plums - Pat Chun 225g

Vegetarian Chili Bean Sauce - Pat Chun 240g

Oyster Sauce - Pat Chun 300g

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce - Pat Chun 170g

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Cereal Cookies and Cake Dessert
Fruit Snacks Organic Food Product Sauce and Marinades

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