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Browse carefully selected beverage that are among the top favourites of the Hong Kong people. Shop Hong Kong has many herbal teas with their very own unique health benefits.
Shop Hong Kong has a fantastic range of Organic Tea, Chinese tea, health drinks and more, ready to be delivered straight to your door.
Product Showcase
Green Oolong Tea - MingCha 38g

Dan Gui Oolong Organic Tea by 9 Fairy Tea House -80g

The Peninsula Pu Er Tea Bags – 10 bags

Phoenix Classic Oolong Tea - MingCha 24g

Jasmine Sliver Tips Green Tea - MingCha 38g

The Peninsula Ti Guan Yin Tea Bags – 10 bags

The Peninsula Licorice Green Tea Bags – 20 bags

Yunnan Tippy Puer - MingCha 38g

The Peninsula Organic Ginger Green Tea Bags – 20 bags

Five Green Juice - Ofarm

The Peninsula Lychee Tea Bags - 10 bags

Genuine White Tea - MingCha 24g

The Peninsula Rose Tea Bags – 10 bags

The Peninsula Lemongrass Green Tea Bags – 20 bags

Black Sesame Powder - Greenmax  400g

The Peninsula Organic Cardamon Green Tea Bags – 20 bags

Black Tea with Honey Aroma by 9 Fairy Tea House - 50g

The Peninsula Jasmine Tea Bags - 10 bags

Yam And Multi Grain Cereal - Greenmax 35g x 16

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