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Welcome to Shop Hong Kong! Our Beauty and Cosmetics collection offers you world famous skin care products that pampers every inch of your body. We take care of you from head to toe. SHOP NOW in Shop Hong Kong and find a new addition to your beauty routine!
Product Showcase
Vivid Veil Option Blue Colour Eyeshadow -  Callas ( 4 colour )

Pink Beige Perfect Lipstick Stay - Callas

Cutie Girl Brilliant Stars Lip Gloss - Callas

Indian Pink Brilliant Stars Lip Gloss - Callas

Lavender Bath Gel -  Two Girls 500ml

Super Sugar Moisture Shower Gel by Joseristine - 1000ml

Snow Fog Spicy Duo Stick Eye Makeup - Callas

Anti-Age Night Cream by Two Girls

XO Eyelashes - Callas

Mint Spicy Duo Stick Eye Makeup - Callas

Lollipop Cherry Brilliant Stars Lip Gloss  -  Callas

Golden Peach Perfect Lipstick Stay - Callas

Shampoo Bar – Voo Voo Keep 130g

Florida Water By Two Girls - 200ml

Small Eyeshadow Professional Make Up Brush - Callas

Whitty Beauty Cream by Two Girls

Double Effect Concealer -  Callas

Nail Polish #49 -  Two Girls 12ml

Blossom Perfect Lipstick Stay - Callas

UNI Eyelashes - Callas

Cucumber Eye Gel by Joseristine - 20ml

Hawaian Blue Spicy Duo Stick Eye Makeup - Callas

Vivid Veil Orange and Brown Color Eyeshadow -  Callas ( 4 colour )

Living Rose Shampoo -  Two Girls 500ml

Living Rose Hand Cream By Two Girls - 40g

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